Bullet Proof on Prostate Cancer

Our friends at the national non-profit Malecare, Inc. provide us with a lot of valuable support and input about Prostate Cancer. Through consulting with them we have gleaned the following truths about the disease:

  • Prostate cancer is more prevalent in black men than in white. In fact black men are 60% more likely than their white counterparts to be diagnosed with the disease.
  • Black men under the age of 60 are four times more likely to have had the disease spread to other parts of the body at the time of diagnosis.
  • New recommendations from group of doctors on a high-level U.S. governmental committee stating that PSA testing in the U.S. should no longer be commonly practiced will effect black men disproportionately and may cost lives.
  • Black men are more likely to die from prostate cancer than any other group.
  • You are a father for life, no matter how old or young your children are.