BDC’s Healthier Living Awareness Initiative (aka “Bullet Proof Dad”), is here to help fathers find their life balance so that they can be a better parent. A major factor in finding the balance is health. We have specific interest in two common killers of black men: diabetes and hypertension. They are typically controllable, and often preventable, or reversible if screened for early and often. Since these diseases disproportionately impact black men, and therefore fathers, we address them in our work and advocate solutions to getting rid of the inherent disparities in black male health. We also have a commitment to fighting cancer in black men, because, well, cancer really sucks.

In addition, we take a realistic approach with helping fathers find their own personal balance in life through healthier eating, exercise, and positive thinking. This is where the Bullet Proof comes in. We know you are busy and in the age of Twitter and Facebook and blogs we know you just speed through life gathering the info you need and moving on. BDC can help. We will provide most if not all of our “proof” on wellness in “bullet” form. Quick and to the point is the name of the game.

Black fathers already have to tackle a unique set of challenges as it relates to being good fathers without having them unnecessarily compounded by illnesses that are manageable and even preventable in many instances. Dads simply cannot be who they need to be if they are distracted by health issues and personal imbalance and we will do all we can to advocate and educate dads towards healthier living, and try not to take up too much of your time doing it.